Synopsis of Teacher, Teacher!

Miss Barrington-Huntley took off her steel-framed spectacles and polished them deliberately. ‘Mr Sheffield,’ she said, ‘after careful consideration we have decided to offer you the very challenging post of headmaster of Ragley School’.

It's 1977 and Jack Sheffield arrives at a small village primary school in North Yorkshire. Little does he imagine what the first year will hold in store as he has to grapple with:

  • Ruby, the 20 stone caretaker with an acute spelling problem;
  • Vera, the school secretary who worships Margaret Thatcher;
  • Ping, the little Vietnamese refugee who becomes the school’s best reader and poet;
  • Deke Ramsbottom, a singing cowboy, father of Wayne, Shane and Clint;

and many others, including a groundsman who grows giant carrots, a barmaid parent who requests sex lessons, and a five-year-old boy whose language is colourful in the extreme.

And then there's beautiful, bright Beth Henderson, a deputy head, who is irresistibly attractive to the young headmaster...

Sample Reviews

Glasgow Evening Times
‘Take a dash of Heartbeat, add a sprinkling of All Creatures Great and Small, throw in a liberal dash of Please Sir! And you’ve come up with the recipe for Teacher, Teacher! . . . and perfect for a Sunday night TV series.’
Yorkshire Post

‘Transworld Publishers have now added Jack Sheffield to their portfolio that includes bestsellers Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett.’