14th October 2019


'Changing Times' is the title of my new novel and was launched in Waterstones Milton Keynes. It was an excellent event thanks to the superb organisation and support provided by Nikki, the Events Manager.

‘Changing Times’ is the second prequel to the Teacher series, set in the 1960s and is a follow-up to ‘Starting Over’ that was set in the 1950s. The story is intended to capture the essence of the time and the research has included sixties culture, the assassination of John Kennedy and the emergence of the Beatles on the popular music scene. I've enjoyed the change of focus and I do hope my regular readers enjoy stepping back in time when some of the popular characters, including Vera the Secretary and Ruby the Assistant Caretaker, were living in the village long before they appeared in 'Teacher, Teacher!' set in 1977/78.

Meanwhile . . . many thanks to everyone who went out and purchased a copy of ‘Starting Over’ and ‘Changing Times’. I have made audio recordings of both these novels at the Soundings Studio near Newcastle.

The book signing schedule for ‘Changing Times’ went well and included Waterstones LEEDS, Waterstones YORK, Waterstones GLASGOW and Waterstones ALTON. Thanks to everyone concerned for the support and it was rewarding to share stories with so many readers of the Teacher series.

Recent speaking engagements included ‘An Evening with Jack Sheffield’ on 14th September in the Stoke Hammond Community Centre in Buckinghamshire followed by a talk in the dramatic Sky Room at the Milton Keynes Literary Festival on 21st September. Sincere thanks for the excellent organisation. My next engagement is at the Sheffield Off the Shelf Festival at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday 26th October in the Creative Lounge on Paternoster Row.

Following the award of the honorary title of Cultural Fellow of York St John University I am required to give a series of lectures over the coming years. I was there again to deliver a short speech on behalf of alumni who were receiving honorary degrees.

Also sincere thanks to the countless readers, particularly those from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and France, who have emailed me saying how much they enjoyed the latest novel. Recently, I've received a number of emails from partially sighted readers who are enjoying the audio editions of the Teacher series.

So thank you . . . it is rewarding to think my stories are providing some relaxing entertainment in your lives.

In the meantime I’m busy writing number 13 in the Teacher series for publication next year.

Best wishes to you all and happy reading.



                      Left-handed inspiration!

Jack in recording studio

Jack recording his latest novel.


Jack with the inspirational author, Matt Haig, on the day Matt received his Doctorate at York St John University.