Synopsis of Mister Teacher

It's 1978 and Jack Sheffield begins his second year as headmaster of a small village primary school in North Yorkshire. There are three letters on his desk. One makes him smile, one makes him sad and the other is destined to change his life forever.

This is from nine year old Sebastian, suffering from leukaemia in the local hospital, who writes a heartbreaking letter addressed to 'Mister Teacher' and Jack tries to help. So begins a journey of light and shade through the seasons of Yorkshire village life in which the school is the natural centre of the community.

Vera the school secretary who worships Margaret Thatcher and whose greatest ambition is to become President of the Women's Institute; Ruby the 20-stone caretaker who sings like Julie Andrews; Dorothy the coffee shop assistant who is desperate to be Wonder Woman; all these, and many more colourful characters, accompany Jack through the ups and downs of the school year.

Most of all, there is the lovely Beth Henderson, a teacher from a nearby school, who with her sister Laura presents Jack with an unexpected dilemma.

Sample Reviews

The Northern Echo
‘The fictional equivalent of curling up beside a fire . . . whimsical and light, with tales of minor misdemeanors and vibrant characters.’
BBC Radio Fay Yeomans
‘Heartbeat for teachers.’