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Ragley Characters
Jack Sheffield
Beth Henderson
Vera Evans
Ruby Smith
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Ragley Characters

Jack Sheffield, headteacher
‘her eyes passed over my six feet one inch frame like an X-ray scanner, from the top of my unruly brown hair, down past my Buddy Holly spectacles.’

Beth Henderson, local deputy headteacher
‘A slim, attractive woman about five feet six inches tall with long, honey blond hair and a face that shone with health walked confidently into the office.’

Vera Evans, School Secretary
‘In her mid-fifties, Vera Evans was a tall, slim, elegant woman with neatly permed silver-grey hair.’

Anne Grainger, deputy headteacher
‘Anne, a slim, attractive brunette in her mid-forties, could always be relied upon to make the right decisions.’

Sally Pringle, Class 3 teacher
‘a tall red-haired, freckle-faced thirty-something in a flower power waistcoat and a bright tie-dyed skirt.’

Jo Maddison, Class 2 teacher
‘a diminutive, lively and vivacious twenty-two-year-old with long black hair.’

Miss Barrington-Huntley, Chair of the Education Committee
‘an imposing lady with purple-rinsed hair and a glare that turned human beings into pillars of salt.’

Rev. Joseph Evans, Chair of the School Governors
‘a pencil-thin, somewhat distracted man in a clerical collar leaned forward and clasped his long thin fingers as if he was about to pray.’

Ruby Smith, School Caretaker
‘Ruby Smith was larger than life. At twenty stones she was big in both size and personality.’

Ronnie Smith, unemployed pigeon racer
‘Scarecrow-thin Ronnie was walking furtively up the drive, looking left and right. His Leeds United bobble hat seemed to be pulled further down his head than usual.’

Stan Coe, local bully & landowner
‘Stan Coe, fresh from his pig farm, squeaked by in his damp wellingtons and glowered at me.’

Deke Ramsbottom, the Singing Cowboy
‘A short man dressed as a cowboy approached me and the tiny bells on his spurs jingled as he walked.’